Projects This Week

Orders continue to come in! Which makes this girl very excited! I really never thought my small little business would ever take off the way that it has. It is exciting and intimidating all at the same time! But all in a good way of course.

Last week I got to make a new hat for a little newborn girl. A ninja turtle! I was never much into the show as a kid, but I do remember my two younger brothers watching it. I am pretty sure there wasn’t a pink one, but that’s ok. Maybe there should’ve been one!


I didn’t follow a pattern for the hat, it’s just a basic double crochet beanie. For the eyes I used this pattern:

Another new item this week was a newborn sized crochet bonnet. I saw the pattern while browsing around online and decided to give it a try, even though I didn’t have anyone in mind for it when I made it! I was able to sell it pretty quickly though!


This project probably took me an hour, it was super simple! For newborn size you make four granny squares and then whip stitch them together, then add the border around it and chain stitch the strings on either side. So easy! Here’s the pattern I used:

A few weeks ago I posted the matching skull hats I made for two sisters. I ended up with an order for two more in adult sizes, one in pink, grey and white and one in black.



I thought these were going to be difficult but they are actually really easy to do, just a little time consuming. The pattern is written very clearly and is very easy to follow. You can buy it for $1 on Ravelry here:

Creepy Skulls Slouchy Hat and Ear Warmer Headband by Spider Mambo-

Coming up this week is another ninja turtle hat, a set of pot holders, and a fox hat. Also possibly a fringed blanket photo prop which I am excited about! I also bought some new yarn for a new idea I had, I will let you know how that turns out!

See anything you like? Have a different custom idea in mind? Find my contact info in the about me section or leave me a message, I would be happy to make it for you!



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